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My StORy

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Hi my name’s Neri!

Proud owner of Angkor Café & Restaurant

A modern Cambodian eatery

Located on Spencer Street!

Be honest with me here.

When you think of Asian cuisine…

What pops up in your mind?




Cambodian is rarely in that convo

But let me try change that

You see,

I was born and raised in Cambodia.


Imagine being a little girl

Raised in an extremely low income family.

That was me.

It was pure survival mode.

But the one thing that kept us going…

Was grandma’s cooking.

The unique flavours and special sauces.

The tantalising spices of the curries.

The fish amok’s and the prahok’s.

It was a bonding experience for the family

And has stuck with me ever since.

When I was a young adult

I had the dream of moving to Australia.

It was the single best country

To improve my education

And really make something of myself.

I was initially studying psychology,

But after years of being here

I realised…

That the food that I grew up with,

Everything I had experienced up to that point,

Was not readily available in Australia.

After many years of careful preparation

Angkor Café & Restaurant was born

And I’ve poured my heart into it ever since.

Here’s an interesting fact.

Our main dishes were passed down

From my aunty.

Who happen to serve in the kitchen

…Of the Royal Cambodian Family!

(She’s 85 years old right now)

Even our Cambodian customers are shocked

At the differences in quality and fresh ingredients used

To bring our dishes to life.

In a good way of course Haha

But most importantly, i get my joy

From seeing people’s faces light up

As they experience Cambodian cuisine

For the very first time.

Which was why I created the business.

Introducing Cambodian cuisine

To Melbournians just like yourself

One person at a time.

Lucky for you though

Just for reading this far

I’d like to give you a little gift.

Completely on me, as a token of appreciation.

Simply tap the “Get Offer” button,

Tell me where to send it

And enjoy.

I look forward to saying hi to you soon




from Angkor Café & Restaurant

389 Spencer St, Melbourne VIC 3003

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